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contemporary-living-roomHouse Dressings Ltd are the home staging professionals when it comes to staging a home ready for sale.

Here are some home staging tips to help you get ready for the market.

This needn’t be a stressful time if you prepare in advance and start with a ‘to do’ list.

  1.   De clutter.  You may have heard this many times before but it’s truly the first important step to freedom. Once you free up your living space, the mind will follow!  When in doubt, ‘toss it out or give it away’.  It’s also a heart warming feeling when you know that something that was stored away unused for years is now a benefit to someone else.  If you don’t know where to start because it’s over whelming, Lorraine from House Dressings is an expert on de clutter,  so do call and discuss the options to save yourself unnecessary stress. This service is a good option for those who are living in the home while on sale. We can advise on what can stay/what needs to go into storage or donated to a worthy cause to the less fortunate.
  2. Packing boxes: These can be bought from various suppliers eg: Bunnings, Kennards, Trade Me or simply raid the supermarkets to save the dollars. Buy some packaging tape/black marking pens from the $2.00 shop and start packing up systematically. If you don’t have enough storage area in your garage to house your packed boxes/excess furniture, an excellent option is to call Greenbox to come to you. They will store the excess until you require the items again. http://greenbox.co.nz 
  3.  Clean up program. Rather than trying to do it all yourself, why not hire professionals to take care of all the clean up jobs inside/out which enables you to get on with the packing. You should make sure the windows are sparkling/cleaning inside/gardens trimmed for presentation – get a pro to do it, it’s much quicker, money well spent and doesn’t cost the earth!
  4. Home Staging Companies/ Dress your home for sale.  Once your home has been de cluttered, spring cleaned, spruced, garden done, odd jobs completed, it’s time to get it staged to sell and ready for real estate appraisals. I strongly recommend that you don’t let agents through until they see it looking at its’ best. The reason I say this is because, even real estate agents are often not good at visualizing, let alone prospective buyers.  Home staging /house presentation is the major up selling factor in marketing a home for sale which will gain you the best price in the market place. This is a proven fact even when the market is buoyant. Empty houses or poorly presented ones with dated furniture/cluttered spaces can drive the price downward. A beautifully staged home with lovely photos creates more interest online resulting in more prospective buyers desiring to visit your open home appointments. It also makes the selling process so much easier for your agent, freeing them up to do their job- negotiating the highest price for your biggest asset. When choosing a home staging company, it’s important to understand that all home staging companies are not equal. If you are looking for the cheapest price to save money, you may not get your expectations and you end up with a ‘cookie cutter’ staging which is sterile and incomplete. This can be counter productive. You should look at photo portfolios to see previous home stagings, color co ordination and spatial layout, plus informative client testimonials to compare and make your decision on who to go with on that basis.
  5. At House Dressings Ltd,  https://www.housedressings.co.nz we take care in what we do and pay attention to detail. We have a proven track record in the home staging industry with returning clients and have been dressing Auckland since 2006.  We dress apartments, home units, villas, bungalows, show homes. Amongst our returning clients are City Sales, Ray White, Barfoot & Thompson. Call Lorraine now for a free consultation  – Mobile 027 229 0695.