Welcome to House Dressings

We are passionate about style & presentation.

Our aim is to dress your home for the broadest appeal to all prospective buyers.

Presenting a home for sale is a specialized art form, which is achieved by someone with an expert eye for detail.   It’s much like an artist beginning with an ‘empty canvas’ and the picture is built up layer by layer until the final reveal.

House Dressings can transform even the bleakest house, unit, apartment into a stylish and welcoming setting.

What we can do for you

We mainly do full dressings of vacant properties but we also do partial staging as well, along with expert advice on clutter clearing, combining our furnishings and accessories to give your home a modern, co-ordinated look.

We keep up with what is currently trending with style, colour and presentation.  

We can home stage:

  • town houses
  • home units
  • apartments
  • show homes
  • and do partial staging

Overseas Vendors

We have dressed many homes for vendors who live outside of New Zealand. 

We can liaise with your NZ agent to get things moving for your property presentation.

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